“Am I Money?” 3 Signs You Are

Awhile back, we started a project on CAREEREALISM called, “Am I Money?” We positioned it as the, “Hot-or-Not” of job search. Readers would submit their resume and Linkedin profile and I’d review them for free and tell them ways to be more attractive to hiring managers. We thought only a few people would take us up on our offer, but instead, we got so many requests, we had to stop doing it. We just couldn’t keep up. We decided to build our sister site, CareerHMO to support them instead.

Being “Money” is About Alleviating Pain

There’s an easy way to tell if you are “money” to employers. You need to determine if you are the extra-strength aspirin to an employer’s pain. The three signs are:

  1. Your manager proactively seeks your input on important projects he’s working on.
  2. Your manager regularly comments on how you saved her time or money with the work you completed.
  3. Your Linkedin profile and resume are filled with quantifiable accomplishments that articulate how you have saved and/or made your employer money.

Answer “yes” to all three and you can rest assured you’re a “money” professional.

Not “Money” Yet? Try This…

The easiest way to be valued more by employers is to “manage up.” I wrote the following post to teach people how to do that: 10 Tips for Controlling Your Boss.

Finding ways to alleviate pain for your manager is the fastest way to get what you want. There’s nothing more valuable than an employee who makes life easier for their boss. It’s what earns you raises, promotions, and better job opportunities….it’s what makes you “money.”

What “Money” Making Tips Can You Share?

I’d love to hear from readers how they are earning a reputation as “money” to employers.

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One thought on ““Am I Money?” 3 Signs You Are

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