Get Fired

Be Different, Swing for the Fences, and Ask For Forgiveness.

Do you work at a large enterprise – a place with more than 500 employees? Then your best hope of helping the company — and your career — is to try to get fired. Seriously.

Start-ups and small businesses tend to be more agile and flexible than their larger, corporate siblings. During the nimbler, non-bureaucratic, rat-race of trying to grow or survive, founders, owners, and employees are freer to take risks, be creative, disrupt the old way of doing things, and attempt anything that will help the business be more successful. It’s about making changes today, otherwise, we may not be here tomorrow.

At big companies, that’s not the case. Large corporations focus on managing risk and minimizing downside. The CEO wants to realize growth and innovate, but many CEOs define his or her mission as not losing what has already been gained. Taking big swings for the fence is often not worth the risk. Of course there are exceptions. Apple, Google, Amazon, and Disney are famous for pushing the limits and churning out innovative new products and services.

Which is why as an employee, your willingness to get fired is what will set you apart — and if you are truly skilled — elevate your career and your company to the next level.

Any business worth working for wants its employees to drive the business forward. Here are three ideas that could be game changers:

Be Different. Start small, and replace your boring black, office chair with a green bouncy ball. Invite people to lunch to brainstorm about a big idea you have and start influencing the culture.

Swing for the Fences. If you are told to identify prospects for your company’s new product – don’t stop there – make the sale. Even if that role falls to someone else on the team, it demonstrates that you are not kidding around…and that you can sell.

Ask For Forgiveness. Are you working on a project that is awaiting “approval”? What if you just go do it – and ask for forgiveness later? Could one person at Kodak have changed the company’s fate? Stay nimble in your mindset, and imagine that your actions will make or break the company’s chances of staying afloat.

What’s the worst thing that happens? You get fired? That may be the impetus to get you to launch your own small business or startup. It might open the door to a new company looking to shake things up.

Post a comment below on ways you’ve pushed the envelope and been rewarded for it – or you’ve been fired. I’ll be looking for the latter as I’m always searching for great people to work with.

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