The Profit in Principles

What are your core principles?

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we can get caught up in the everyday challenges and activities. But success for an individual or a company is not about managing the daily chores. Success for anyone is rooted in a development and an adherence to core principles.

At Rakuten, our core principles are:

  1. Always Improve, Always Advance
  2. Be Passionately Professional
  3. Hypothesize, Practice, Validate, Shikuma (“Systemize”)
  4. Maximize Customer Satisfaction
  5. Speed, Speed, Speed!

These principles are all around us, every day. They are printed and pasted and distributed on every surface I can think of. You can find them on our business cards, our ID badges, on posters in our conference rooms, our web materials, and even in the way we speak to one another. Our principles flow through everything we do.

It is easy to get distracted by the flow of new information that bombards us every day. There is always something new to look at, something new to see or read or admire. In the digital space, there is little attention to re-reading material that you may have looked at yesterday.

But when it comes to core principles, those are the words you should constantly review, whether they are the principles of your company or your own personal rules for life. These are the words that act as your guidelines through the changing marketplace and the changing world.

Career Logo & Slogan

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