Journey to Success Programme

Audience: Secondary Schools, Tertiary Institutions, Fresh Graduates, Youths, Churches, Mosques, and Corporate Organizations

Format: 120-180 minute presentation


Planning for success is much like planning for a long ROAD TRIP!

You need to know where you’re going, why you’re going, and how you’ll get there.  You need that information to pack the necessary tools to ensure you’re equipped for the ride and prepared for arrival.

Participants of the Journey to Success Program explore the Six Steps to developing a Personal Success Strategic Plan (PSSP) as outlined in the book, Mapping Your Journey to Success:

  1. Determine Your DESTINATION.  Define what it means to be successful and understand why it’s important to define it personally.

  2. Identify Your PURPOSE.  Learn to identify, support and empower who you are in order to chart the best route to your personal success.

  3. Set Your GOALS.  Set goals to make the journey more meaningful and increase your optimism, lead to greater fulfillment.

  4. Develop Your STRATEGIES.  Create an appropriate plan of action to accomplish goals, fulfill your purpose and reach success.

  5. Take ACTION.  Execute your plan using a positive attitude, self-motivation, and hard work to achieve success.

  6. Evaluate Your PROGRESS.  Incorporate “checkpoints” into the journey to monitor and track how close you are to your destination. 

Learning Objectives

  • Understand where they want to go in life and why

  • Create better goals and develop strategies to achieve them

  • Use self motivation and hard work to keep moving forward

  • Make adjustments when things don’t go as planned

Program Formats

  1. Plenary Session – This two hour session can be facilitated within a 120-180 minute window.  It offers an interactive and fun overview of the PSSP elements.  This format is great for high schools and conference presentations.  It includes interactive group discussions and exercises.  Participants follow along in the presentations with a full colour PSSP worksheet (4-pages).  Students walk away with plenty of notes to build a PSSP.

  2. Workshop Session – This half-day format can be facilitated within a 180 min – 8 hour window.  It offers a high energy, interactive, and in-depth coverage of the PSSP elements.  This format is great for all audiences.  It includes small group discussions, exercises, role-playing, self-assessments, Q/A and challenging games.  Participants follow along in the presentation with their full colour PSSP workbook (34 pages).  Students walk away with a completed DRAFT of their PSSP to execute.


This program can be presented as a stand-alone presentation or integrated into other full programs, such as:

  • Freshman Orientations

  • Student Life Events

  • Career Development Fairs

  • Student Retreats

  • Leadership Conferences

  • Workforce Training Programs

  • Life Coaching Curriculum

  • Internship Prep Training

  • Rehabilitation Programs

Download PSSP Programme Flyer

Download Pre-Booking Info Sheet4PSSP

Pricing for PSSP Programme

  • Prices for seminars and conferences are all inclusive–they include all travel, flight, car, lodging, meals, etc. and vary from area to area, depending on location and date.
  • Discounts are available for two schools/organizations booking together and sharing the same date (and an even further discount for 4+ schools booking consecutive days).
  • Prices for programmes may also include student materials, t-shirts and other products.
  • T-shirts and other products are optional and may be included at a discount.

We could participate at your event as a session speaker.

Please contact us for prices and possible tours in your area.

Thank you.

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