CrossTie Academy

Acquiring the knowledge to move along with today’s world is a prerequisite. And because training engenders productivity for individuals and a virile workforce for businesses and governments, CrossTie Academy specializes in capacity building, skill expansion in the world of IT, Management, and Leadership. We provide future ready skills to enhance and put our clients at a world class level.


Our Slogan

…acquiring skills to triumph

Mission Statement

To add value to people and make them productive.

Vision Statement

To help organizations build a workforce of productive people

CrossTie Academy Services

1. Offsite or Boot Camp (The training can be done within the country or outside such that participants will be camped somewhere throughout the duration of the training

2. Onsite (At our training facilities or your place of choice),

3. Call for an instructor (We can send our qualified and certified instructors to conduct training at your facilities).

4. You & I Training (With You & I training you get the undivided attention of the instructor)

5. Combo Trainings (This type of training is structured for career beginners, they can offer a combination of courses at a go e.g. CCNA, CCNP, and CCIP or A+, N+, and Security+, FMP, MDP, EDP, etc.

6. We train participants in acquiring professional certifications in IT, Management and Leadership e.g. MOS, MCITP, CTT+, CCIE, OCE, CISA, CISM, CISSP, ITIL, PMP, PRINCE II, Executive Management Programme, Leadership Development Programme, Teachers’ IT Training Programme, etc.

7. We offer the benefit of a free 3 months registered account with Safari Library (the largest virtual Library in the world) introducing you to a world of endless research opportunities in various professions.

8. Our 24hrs customer support gives you access to us all day.

CrossTie Academy Programmes

CrossTie Academy in partnership with one of the best Business School in Africa present to you the following Business, Management and Leadership Short Learning Programmes.

1. PMP (Project Management Programme)

2. PPM (Practical Project Management Programme)

3. FMP (Fundamental Management Programme)

4. MDP (Management Development Programme)

5. EDP (Executive Development Programme)

6. LDP (Leadership Development Programme)

7. PSG (Public Sector Governance Programme)

8. SHRM (Strategic Human Resources Management Programme)

9. STEG (Strategic Thinking and Execution for Growth Programme)

10. EMPSL (Executive Management for School Leaders Programme)

We offer various INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY COURSES across modern platforms. E.g. Microsoft, Java Technologies, Oracle, Adobe, Cisco, CompTIA, PHP, Zend, Linux, Unix, CIW, CISSP, CEH, CISA, CISM, ITIL, ISO, Cloud Essentials, Business Intelligence, PostGreSQL, and many more.

  • Books and other study materials are supplied by the CrossTie Academy and become the property of the student.
  • CrossTie Academy shall be responsible for tea breaks and lunch throughout the duration of the programme.
  • CrossTie Academy shall provide internet services for participants during the programme.
  • Participants will automatically become an alumna or alumnus of CrossTie Academy thereby having access to our subsequent trainings with 5% discount.

We hope to hear from you as we see our nation fly on the wings of Intelligent Nigerians. Thank you.



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