CrossTie Code

Findings reveal that Ideas are the backbone of technology; CrossTie Code builds and brings to fore, information technology that cuts across various operating platforms.

CrossTie Code combines ideas and knowledge with IT to create endless possibilities in the business world and the society. Our myriad of solutions and products span the length and breadth of IT.

Our solutions are designed to meet our clients’ needs. We take our time in discussing with the clients to determine where the need lies and then design a solution that ensures that the clients derive maximum satisfaction.

These solutions are created from the best of breed industry-standard component, acquired through international partnership with the world’s leading technology vendors.

Our Slogan

…with apps, we work easier and faster


Mission Statement

To leverage on Business Intelligence Solutions.

Vision Statement

To increase business outcome in all aspects.


CrossTie Code Services

1. Setting up Collaboration Systems (Google Apps for Business)

2. Building Business Intelligence Solutions for organizations (irrespective of operating platforms)

3. Building Customers Relations Management (CRM) Systems

4. Building Web Solutions (Web Portal, E-Commerce, Mobile Website, etc.)

5. Setting up Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions

6. Customized Apps and Database Development

7. Building long-term IT blueprint for government and non-governmental organizations, corporate bodies, and schools.

We are determined to take the burden of building IT solutions off our clients, so they can focus more on their core business. Thank you.



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