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The main purpose of ICT in education is implementation of ICT equipment and tools in teaching-learning process as a media and methodology. The purpose of ICT in education is generally to familiarize students and teachers with the use and workings of computers, and related social and ethical issues.

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Our Slogan

…we preach practical education

Mission Statement

To expose students and teachers to educational resources through IT.

Vision Statement

Unveiling the great potentialities to the world.

In order to use technology effectively, educators need to be trained in using technology and they need to develop a good understanding of it. Technology is used to enhance learning therefore it is important for educators to be comfortable using it to ensure that students get the full advantages of educational technology.

Technology training appears to focus mainly on technology knowledge and skills while overlooking the relationships between technology, pedagogy, and content. As a result, teachers learn about “cool” stuff, but they still have difficulty applying it for their students’ learning. Teachers need opportunities to practice effective technology integration strategies in supportive contexts during technology courses, technology-integrated methods courses, and field experiences.

Teachers and students education programs can facilitate improvements not only in students’ technology skills but also in their beliefs and intentions regarding integrating technology into their chosen career. Technology training directly affects preserve teachers’ self-efficacy and value beliefs, which in turn influence their student-centered technology use.

Kindly make a request for CrossTie Nest at your school today, and have a functional modern ICT Laboratory with Teachers IT Training Programme.

Our Services



At Nest, we have a standard of what an ICT Laboratory should look like. Our experience and exposure can’t be questioned when it comes to building or renovating an ICT Laboratory.


Unless we increase access to computers, the technology gap between Africa and developed countries will continue to widen. The internet and other technologies have made the world an increasingly global community, facilitating the exchange of ideas, information and skills across geographic distances. Providing computers will help level the plain field for disadvantaged schools in Africa and help them contribute to the development of the society. CrossTie Nest project attempt to close these gaps by building and bringing to fore, information technology that cut across various operation platforms. We deploy Desktop Systems HP 600B Microtower PC-Intel Pentium G2020T 2.gGHz proc, 2GB RAM, 500GB SATA HDD, DVDRW, 6USB, 16-1 Media Card Reader, Ethernet Port, Windows 8 Home Premium, 20” LED MONITOR, 1 Year Warranty. We also deploy laptops for Teachers and SchoolPad for Students.



CrossTie leverage on firms that offers clients access to the internet. We partner with world leading ISPs to deliver efficient and reliable network services in order to transfer and deliver our solutions. We are deploying a very high bandwidth with an indoor or out-door equipment to connect the entire desktop systems to the internet.



CrossTie Nest makes provision for intelligent e-board to the ICT Lab. These are high-tech teaching products that change the teaching mode of traditional blackboards, trigger the revolution of “teaching and learning” way, set up a new environment for teaching and learning, and realize classroom values return. They are adaptive to the requirements of teaching, conferences and speeches. What is more, they improve the teaching quality and promote the teaching efficiency.



Publication1This School Management System is intended to automate every aspect of operations and day to day activities of schools. By covering aspects means – every aspects, it includes day to day transactions that occur in a front office, all admission processes of students, keeping students, parents and teachers records, checking result online, etc. In short, using this software means securing the routine activities of the school. Our school management system is a simple yet powerful one integrated platform that connects all the departments of an institution namely office, fees counter, library, hostel, academic, events etc.

Click here to view our online school management solution.

Register and Enjoy the world of IT in Education.



CrossTie Code works to offer you a range of custom website design and development services combine with our extensive search engine optimization skills that will deliver a complete online presence of the school. This will clearly communicate the school look and feel, aims and objectives, and attract qualified visitors year on year.

You can be confident that the websites we create are robust, secure and deliver the latest technology. We understand the importance of quick download times and we recognize that today’s website designs need to be flexible to meet an ever-growing number of challenges and requirements. CrossTie Nest is building a professional website from qualified web developers from CrossTie Code who can put their best acquired knowledge and experience to make a suitable portal that can compete with international standards.


CrossTie Nest educational resources is an organized collection of digital information worth over thousands of books. It is constructed particularly for secondary schools and tertiary institutions, designed to support the information needed by the teachers and students to be effective and productive while teaching or learning. These resources are in many formats, including audios and videos in various fields. Some of these resources can be used both online or offline. These educational resources can be used to teach range of curriculum courses. Packed full of links to amazing wildlife photos, videos and fact files.



Google Maps is a web mapping service application and technology provided by Google, that powers many map-based services. It offers street maps, a route planner for travelling by foot, car, air, bike, and public transport to numerous countries, states, streets, and houses around the world. CrossTie Nest will carry out Google mapping of your school in order for people to locate your school on Google satellite anywhere in the world.



CrossTie Academy is an arm of CrossTie Solutions Limited that deals with trainings, certifications and empowerment of people in information technology, business and management industry. We partner with world leading academies in the different fields to bring you the latest courses at best prices. Our training cuts across all aspect but majorly the educational sector, CrossTie Academy have developed five modules for the three months (weekends only) Teachers’ IT Training Programme that will exposed teachers how to use IT as a tool for research and teaching their various subjects.


This is a 3 day programme aimed at coaching the teachers on the importance of inculcating IT in the teaching and learning process in schools, and also methods of applying it.

  • Importance of IT in Education
  • IT in Management Process
  • IT in Teaching Process
  • IT in Learning Process
  • IT Research Methodology
  • How to build a creative mindset in students

You can’t just imagine until you engage us. Thank you.



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